Restoration, Care & Repair

Sifrei Torah

Unfortunately many Sifrei Torah just don’t get used.  In the words of our Sages, everything has Mazal ( luck) – even the Sefer Torah in the Hechal (Ark).

In England UK the climate is changeable and throughout the country there are some large synagogues built in the early 19th Century.  Due to various factors including weather and heating systems these are prone to damp and condensation.

Some of these Sifrei Torah literally lie there unopened year after year, either because there was an error or they were simply old.

Parchment, by its nature, needs to “breathe” and time takes its toll on the blackness of the writing – it often turns reddy brown.  Sometimes the repairs are cosmetic – with some odd peeling and cracking. Other times the repairs are more complex – requiring the many hours of repair and/or replacement of whole Yeriot – sections.  Unfortunately sometimes the Sifrei Torah are beyond repair  where the parchment has literally had a chemical reaction to the environment and has become brittle and damaged and can only go to the Geniza or Burial.

Our job as Sofrim is, to save these Torah Scrolls where possible, both economically and practically and to advise the Trustees of the synagogue as to the viability of the project.

Please contact us if you need advice or to arrange and inspection of the condition of the Sifrei Torah at your synagogue or institution.

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Tefillin get well used or accidentally damaged.  Often the Retzuot, leather straps, need replacing due to wear and tear and the actual boxes  which should be completely cube shaped, get knocked or bashed in their use.  In fact the Halachists recommend that Tefillin are checked twice in seven years for this reason.

Whilst it is not always possible, if we receive the tefillin early in the morning, we will do our utmost to try and have the tefillin ready for the wearer by the evening.

To make arrangements to have your tefillin looked over, please contact us.