Bernard Benarroch – SoferStam – tries to offer a personal service.

Barmitzvah Tefillin – Bernard will spend time with the Barmitzvah boy and his family, explaining the contents and processes in creating his Teffilin. Understanding the concepts and the philosophies behind the Mitzvah and reasoning of Teffilin.

This a hands-on experience and an opportunity for the Barmitzvah boy to have quality time to digest and comprehend as well as measuring up trying on his new Teffilin.

Checking Mezuzot – Bernard offers a full checking and, where appropriate, repair service for your Mezuzos

Checking Tefillin –  Restoration and repair of Tefillin is the workshop’s speciality, whether your Tefillin are fairly new or have been passed down through generations – we are able to renovate and restore them within the halachic parameters.

Checking Sifrei Torah  – The Benarrochs, since the 1960’s have been renovating and correcting Anglo-Jewery’s Sifrei Torah. Some 30+ Sifrei Torah comes through the SoferSTaM workshop each year, bringing Sifrei Torah back into rotating use throughout our Synagogues.

Bernard, Shlomie, Binyomin, Yosef, Elon and Moshe Aron look forward to welcoming you.