Home Visits, London

We realise how difficult or inconvenient it is to dismantle all the Mezuzot and refold and replace them – especially for the elderly or housebound. We are happy as part of our service to the wider community where necessary to offer home visits. However, we much prefer to have the Mezuzot/Tefillin at the workshop so that they can be thoroughly and carefully read and checked using the proper tools and lighting. Remember items can also be sent double wrapped by registered post.

Please contact us to avail yourself of this service.

Educational Visits & Workshops

One of the most rewarding experiences that a Sofer can have is explaining his profession to both adults and young children who are fascinated by the work of a Sofer.

A typical visit includes a demonstration of the Sofer’s tools and materials, including parchments, quills, ink, raw tefillin, giddin etc.

sefer torah and safrut equipment

We try to tailor our visit and presentation appropriately and where possible, depending on numbers we try to make sure that everyone receives a parchment with their name or initials on it.

Ideal for school visits, youth or adult education evenings.

For further details of the explanations and to arrange a school visit pleasecontact us.


We are always delighted when parents and even grandparents bring their Barmitzvah boys to help put the tefillin together.  This gives the Barmitzvah boy an understanding and background into why and what tefillin are made from and above all it is a memory to be savoured.

We are proud to offer a service where we will bring tefillin to show your Barmitzvah boy and the whole family in the comfort of your home.  You will have the opportunity to see how tefillin are made and the Barmitzvah will be able to complete his tefillin together with the sofer.  Alternatively you are all welcome to come and see a selection in our workshop.



Please be aware, though, that preparations for the barmitzvah tefillin should ideally not be left to the last minute – each pair of tefillin will be selected and made up specially for your son or grandson.   Try to allow three to six months before the barmitzvah to ensure they are ready in plenty of time.  Some barmitzvah boys practice up to three months before, others wait until their actual barmitzvah day.

To book an appointment, please contact us.


Computer Checking

As mistakes are expected in the writing of Safrut work and in the past a special Sofer known as the Magia was employed to proof read for errors and mistakes.  It is now common to scan Safrut work as well as manually proof reading and checking.  The item or Sefer Torah receives a reference number which validates the order of the letters.

However, most importantly, the computer checking is unable to detect the quality and style of the writing.  It is impossible for a computer to check the Halachic implications in the shapes and style of a letter.  The best a computer can do is point out where any letters touch each other apart from the actual order.

There is nothing like the trained human eye and practical experience!

Should you have items that need computer checking, please contact us.


Manuscripts & Inscriptions

Please see Manuscript Examples for samples of Safrut related commemorations,manuscripts examples.  These samples are intended merely as a guide – obviously we have removed names to protect identities and the clarity is better when viewed on full screen mode (this can be found on the far right of the screen).

All these commissions and all work we undertake are done on parchment using traditional methods with a quill (Kulmus).  We write in original Safrut – scribal Hebrew.  Other Hebrew fonts can be copied – similar to the medieval manuscripts of Italy and Spain.

These commissions are usually very personalised and unqiue.  They are perfect gifts for that very special occasion or person. Useful as family documentations (how many of you know all your family’s Hebrew names??) whether this is for a birthday or that special anniversary.  We also write Psalms and special Tefilot (prayers) both for personal and Synagogue use.

We have done many “L’iLui Nishmat” Memorial Commissions.

Regarding approximate pricing for Manuscripts see Manuscript Examples.


A Personalised Chanukah Gift on Parchment

Hanerot Halalu and Ma Otzur


Please contact us with your ideas or requests.  We are happy to sit down and plan something special for you, your family, friends or synagogue.